FSCO Action Group

FSCO Action Group


Tier 1 Advisory Investors

Our Mandate
To help our clients and all Tier 1 investors (who Participate in the FSCO Action Group)

to recover as much of YOUR hard-earned investments as we possibly can.
  The FSCO Action Group's purpose is ...



to have a unified voice in representing all Tier 1 Investors (who Participate in the FSCO Action Group and) who have lost a significant portion of their investment;



to be transparent to the investors in all of our dealings through a monthly update;


to ensure we explore viable alternative solutions to recover as much of our investments as possible.
We can give you no assurances or guarantees of a recovery or a settlement.

The only guarantee we can give you is that if we do nothing, we will get nothing!
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      Monthly Update #44
was emailed to Participants on Sept 1, 2021
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  Oct 2018   Tier 1 Advisory _ Summary of Events    
      Statement of Claim by Grant Thornton and KSV    
  Jan 2019   Grant Thornton distributions to date    
      Judge Conway Motion    
  Nov 1, 2019   Summary of the Statement of Claim    
      Statement of Claim    
  Nov 10, 2019



   Globe and Mail

Tier 1 Investors sue Ontario over supervision of risky syndicated mortgages

"FSCO's legislative mandate is to provide regulatory services that
protect the public interest
and enhance public confidence in the sectors it regulates."
... FSCO's website - About Us


"FSCO has failed completely in its duty to protect the public interest with respect to these
syndicated equity development mortgages,"
David Franklin B.Comm, JD  - Globe and Mail - Nov 7,2017


The Panel that Finance Minister Charles Sousa appointed to make recommendations to him, 
a report which is dated March 31, 2016, advised the Minister of Finance that
FSCO was not adequately protecting the public.